Memorial International F.C.

Love the Game • Master the Skills

What is "Ginga"?

"GINGA" IS soccer. It's swinging your body from one side to the other to deceive. "Ginga" is creativity. It's the pedalada and trivela. "Ginga" is the opposite of boring. It's the opposite of mechanical soccer. It is having fun with the ball. It is grace. It is being fluid and coordinated.


Coaching Key Points.


We come from a South American school of soccer! We make sure our players understand the basics of the beautiful game and develop a deep understanding of how the game is played during different situations.  We put emphasis on decision making with or without the ball, and building the attack from the back.



We want our player to walk, breath, and dance soccer! Every player must master the basic soccer skills to become a part of a team. As players develop, our coaches place a lot of emphasis on players mastering the necessary skills to develop their full potential. Our coaches target individual needs during practice to help players reach their full potential during games.


Soccer IQ

We want our players to be creative! A key factor to help players develop is for them to recognize different game situations and adjust their strategy based on the game. We work hard to help players understand different game situations, possible outcomes, and ask players to find solutions to particular situations.



Give all you have in practices and games! A key element to perform under pressure is to have the fitness to give  100% in every game situation. Our practices include conditioning and making sure players are exposed to drills that give them the opportunity to develop their stamina.


Thanks to our sponsors for their support, building future community stars together.

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